Imagine no glasses, no daytime contact lenses, and no surgery….just great vision all day long. Believe it or not, with an exciting new therapy called orthokeratology, you can have just that. The principles behind orthokeratology are very similar to those used in Lasik… the big difference being no need for surgery. In both cases, the goal is to flatten the eye’s cornea (the cornea is the clear tissue comprising the front surface of the eye). In Lasik this is achieved by cutting a flap in the cornea, peeling the flap back, and then removing tissue under the flap. The flap is then laid back down and the patient waits to heal. In orthokeratology, patients simply wear contact lenses that flatten the cornea while they sleep. The lenses temporarily mold the cornea so that when a patient wakes up and removes them, they see perfectly all day long.

Orthokeratology is extremely safe and entirely reversible. And it offers several advantages over conventional contacts: no end of day dryness; no lenses to fall out when swimming; and perfect vision at night while wearing the lenses (no more fumbling around for your glasses so you can read the alarm clock!). Another added benefit occurs in children. Recent research has demonstrated that orthokeratology significantly slows down the progression of nearsightedness (myopia) in children.

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